Coworking Isn’t Just for Startups

In just a half mile stretch on Piedmont Road between Lenox Road and Peachtree Road, you’ll find WeWork, Regus, Atlanta Tech Village and Roam nestled in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta. It’s obvious that there is no shortage of companies capitalizing on ATL’s gig economy, and this trend is quickly becoming the norm in cities across the country (and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon). While the coworking industry has traditionally targeted startups, freelancers and small tech companies with the allure of a low-cost alternative to expensive real estate, there’s a case to be made that all professionals can benefit from access to a shared workspace.

So, say you aren’t an entrepreneur or a tech startup in need of a cool place to come to work every day. Or maybe your business has an existing brick and mortar location or corporate office. Is coworking irrelevant for you? Hardly! Keep reading.

Regardless of your profession or industry, there are times when you need a place outside of the office to conduct business. Whether it’s preparing a proposal for that client you’ve been trying to land, interviewing a candidate or conducting a strategic planning session with colleagues, these situations call for a convenient and professional environment that is conducive to inspiration, productivity and focus. Many coworking spaces are designed with these needs in mind and offer a variety of work spaces, including meeting rooms, to suit your desired workflow. Plus, getting out of your own office or workspace can provide you with renewed energy and perspective for your workday.


Here are a few ideas for how to use a coworking space if you already have an office:

  1. We all know that an office environment can quickly deplete creativity and innovation. Give your brain the space to dream, create and think outside of the day-to-day routine by leveraging a nearby coworking space to conduct a brainstorming session for that upcoming project.
  2. In need of privacy? It’s hard to find a quiet corner amidst the countless cubicles on the fifth floor of your office building. Check out a coworking space that offers hourly room rentals to record a podcast or have an important video conference call. Often times, these rooms are soundproofed to ensure you aren’t giving the people next door something to talk about.
  3. Involved with an industry association, non-profit or networking group? A coworking space is an ideal venue to host a nighttime event or meet-up. Most coworking venues offer a range of options for hosting events- from meeting rooms for a more intimate setting to open-air, common spaces for large groups, there can be numerous possibilities based on your group’s needs. Plus, it gives your attendees the opportunity to be in an innovative and inspiring environment for the evening. Talk about a conversation starter!
  4. Some days you just need to get work done, but it’s difficult when your colleagues come knocking every half hour. Escape the social scene of the office and retreat to a local coworking space for a productive work day. Find your perfect spot and enjoy a distraction-free workflow. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can power through that to-do list and inbox without mid-day interruptions.
  5. Some conversations are just better over coffee in an out-of-office setting. But the local Starbucks can be a little unpredictable with noise level and seating availability. Enjoy the ambiance and beverages of your favorite coffee house in a more professional environment when you meet with clients at the in-house café or coffee bar offered by most coworking spaces.

At Roam, membership has its perks. Getting offsite to experience Roam’s intentionally designed coworking and meeting space can breathe new life into you (or your group’s) productivity, focus and energy. With convenient locations throughout metro Atlanta, you can easily access Roam’s coworking and meeting space when and where you need to. Join our community and experience a new way to work!

Roam offers a variety of membership plans and amenities based on your unique needs. Check out our coworking page for more information on our offerings. Plus, if you want to discover how to maximize your Roam membership, read our comprehensive guide to ensure you’re fully leveraging the value of the Roam community.