Announcing Roam’s New Event Series: LOCAL COLLECTIVE

We all experience growing pains. And here at Roam, we are in the midst of feeling the strain associated with our own growth and development. Ultimately, we strive towards creating a community within our workplaces. But not just any community, an invested community…a local collective.

In the past, we have hosted numerous experts and seasoned professionals that offered our community beneficial insight and tools for growing their business and the person standing behind it. We take pride in these past events, but recognize the key to fostering an invested community is uniting the visionaries and innovators of Atlanta for equipping future generations to lead with greatness. And so, we are after something better, something greater. We won’t settle for less.

It’s time we fully leverage the leaders in our community. Drawing from the expertise and experience of our local neighbors, our vision is to empower our city – both the C-level execs and small business owners. It’s time we stand together as a Local Collective.

With great honor and excitement, Roam announces our new event series, Local Collective. Each month, we will host an Atlanta leader as they share their own personal experiences and industry knowledge for the betterment of our community as a whole. You are a part of our whole. It is your growth and accomplishments that will inspire, challenge and drive us to becoming a local collective unlike any other.

We hope you’ll join us. Not just for you, but for our local collective.