6 Strategies for Motivating a Remote Workforce

Keeping employees motivated is challenging. It’s even more difficult when your employees are working remotely. There are several effective ways that employers can foster a strong company culture and productive work environment with a remote workforce. Here are 6 smart strategies to implement with your remote team:

1. Create Time for In-Person Meetings

Book a meeting room rental on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis for routine in-person gatherings. Spend time together with your team to brainstorm, strategize, collaborate and connect in person. Face-to-face interaction is essential to the long-term growth, health and development of your team which can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

2. Provide a Coworking Space Membership

When your team needs to meet with clients or collaborate on projects, having an established coworking space can be beneficial.  A monthly membership at Roam provides your employees professional, thoughtfully designed office space with all the modern amenities to work, meet and connect, without the overhead of a permanent office location or long-term lease agreement.

3. Provide On-Demand Office Space When They Need It

Do you have employees or remote workers who travel throughout the greater Atlanta area? Perhaps they’re not located in one area of town but they need access to professional office space at convenient locations around the city. When you purchase a coworking membership at Roam, your employees gain exclusive access to our seven office locations in Atlanta. It affords the flexibility your team needs to collaborate with coworkers and meet with clients, whether it’s close to home or across town.

4. Host a Corporate Event

Building relationships with coworkers and clients is difficult when your employees are working remotely. At Roam, you can bring people together for an executive meeting, training session, department gathering, networking event or conference – the opportunities are endless. Our meeting room rentals include modern, inspired spaces for every type of event, large and small. You choose the space, customize the layout and work with one of our meeting coordinators who will organize and execute all the details for a seamless experience. We deliver stress-free events so you can focus on your business.

5. Provide Resources for Success

No matter where you secure corporate meeting space, it’s important to give your remote employees the tools they need to excel and work productively. At Roam, they can enjoy all the resources and perks of a dedicated office plus daily workspace amenities including business class Wi-Fi, access to meeting rooms and all Roam locations, printing services, a full-service coffee bar, mailbox, digital advertising and more.

6. Ask Remote Employees What They Need to Excel

At the core of any successful and effective remote team is good communication. As a business owner, it is incumbent upon you to understand what technology, resources and amenities your team needs to be successful. That may include the flexibility to meet and work in a modern, professional shared workspace away from home distractions with access to state-of-the-art technology, amenities and support. With your monthly membership at Roam, you’ll gain exclusive access to on-demand, flexible workspace and services designed to motivate your remote workforce and enhance productivity.