5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Coworking This Summer

The season of backyard cookouts, beach vacations and lake days is upon us. But, just because school’s out for the summer doesn’t mean the work stops. The excitement of summer can easily overshadow the needs of your business. However, this mid-year mark is a critical time for evaluating the progress of your strategic plan and making the necessary adjustments to meet your end of year goals. While we understand that manning the grill and getting comment-worthy tan lines are important, don’t let the distractions of summer be a setback for all that you’ve accomplished this year.

So, how do you strike the balance between pool time and productivity? Coworking. Don’t do yourself the disservice of trying to work from home or boring yourself in the corporate office. Here are our top five reasons why you should be coworking this summer:

1| A vacation from your (home) office.

We know the pain. You’re two weeks into summer break and the kids are already throwing off your daily routine. From suiting up for a day at the pool to endless nagging about inviting every kid in the neighborhood over for a slip-n-slide, the distractions seem to never end and you quickly realize a trip to 30A isn’t the only vacation you’ll need this summer. Or maybe you find yourself in need of an inspiring change of pace from your drab corporate cubicle. Escape the disruptions of home life and office boredom and retreat to our productivity focused coworking environment. Designed with you in mind, our space is intentionally crafted to offer a variety of work settings that accommodate both the heads-down projects and the conversation-welcome brainstorm sessions, allowing you to get your best work done on any given workday. Business class WiFi, printing services and an on-site café provide an all-inclusive experience to keep your work flow fueled and focused. Consider this the vacation that doesn’t have to end.

2| A multiplied team of “coworkers.”

While your teammates drain their stockpiled PTO, summer workdays can feel a bit lonely. Don’t let their absence keep you from the benefits of collaborating with others. Instead build your team with the addition of our workplace community. Even in a productive environment, it’s easy to catch yourself daydreaming about weekend plans or an upcoming trip, but working alongside the hustle of other members serves as a natural source of accountability and grit. And when you receive an automated “Out-of-office” reply, a Roam coworking membership allows you to draw on a consistent community of professionals to serve as your sounding board and temporary coworker.

3| A convenient way to work.

Summer schedules can often be spontaneous, keeping you on the go. Rather than limiting yourself to a single environment or office, give yourself the flexibility and option to work from any of Roam’s four convenient workplaces. Whether your schedule takes you to the suburbs of Alpharetta or to the heart of Buckhead, our workplaces are strategically located allowing your workday to flex with your personal life. Even if you find yourself lathered in sunscreen and beach read in hand, you can experience the ease and convenience of connecting remotely with Roam’s virtual platforms.

4| A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Trendy podcasts and self-help articles don’t have to be your poolside entertainment. Leverage our community of professionals and entrepreneurs to access a unique variety of skillsets, talents and expertise that can be applied to your business. Offering more than just an opportunity for personal development, our invested community and team are eager to provide buy-in and perspectives to help recalibrate your priorities for the remainder of 2017. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Experience how mutually-beneficial relationships and genuine comradery at Roam push us all to achieve new heights of success.

5| A fun break (because summer is supposed to be fun).

Summer break isn’t just for kids. While we may not have the luxury of two months of PTO, we think workdays could use a serious injection of fun. Which is why our teams plan member events throughout the summer as an opportunity for you to take a break from emails and socialize with other members. Whether its enjoying King of Pops on the patio or bringing an outdoor BBQ indoors, its energizing and refreshing to reminisce on childhood favorites before returning to your to-do list. Not only will your sanity thank you for the mental break, your team will also benefit from your renewed sense of creativity and innovation.

Take the vacation you much deserve and experience a better way to work this summer. Join the Roam community and explore how coworking can offer a flexible solution to summertime distractions.

Ready to join our coworking community or interested in learning more about membership?

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