3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Success sometimes gets a bad rap. If we go at it alone, bridges are often burned and relationships suffer. If we work too hard for it, we look self-seeking and greedy. But if we don’t aim high enough, we appear lazy or we just wind up hating our present circumstances.

I believe there is a better way. There is nothing wrong with success. The issue is with how we attempt to achieve it.
That’s why asking the following 3 questions are so important to the success you are aiming for.

The quickest path to success is the path that leads other people to it.

1) What are you doing?

When is the last time you stopped what you were doing long enough to find out what others were working on? Did you seem interested? Did you listen? Did you let them passionately communicate with you about what it is they are working on.

Ask this question often. And when you ask someone, listen to their words and hear what they have to say.

2) Where are you headed?

After you found out what they were working on, did you ask them why? Where is that project or idea or task leading them? Maybe they don’t know and you asking them is the spark they needed to figure it out.

Ask them where they headed. Maybe what they are working on isn’t ideal but they still have an end-result in mind.

3) How can I help?

This is the BIG question. Now you’re not only listening to them and letting them know they are not alone, but you are showing willingness to help them accomplish something.

This is where the magic happens.

Don’t just ask them how you can help. Listen to what they need and actually help them. If you want success, help other people find it with you.

We know the path to success can be lonely. We know it sometimes seems unachievable. We know you need support.

We are passionate about partnering with you in the story of accomplished dreams.

Let’s do it together. It’s better that way.