Keep Your Workflow Energized and Distraction-Free This Summer

Anyone who has ever explored working from home can attest to how difficult it can be to stay focused.  On any given day, an excess of distractions threaten to break your concentration and productivity. So the thought of preparing for the additional amusements of summer can feel overwhelming.

When the kids aren’t in school, they’re in your business—literally.  From pool days and camp to play dates and post-popsicle sugar rushes, the excitement of longer days and no homework creep in on your to-do list. Even if the kids cooperate, package deliveries, pets, noisy neighbors and household chores can keep you preoccupied and distracted. Honestly, it’s a wonder how working from home ever became a viable option. Your business and weekly responsibilities don’t simply cease when the temperature hits 80 degrees, yet the summertime fun at home can make it difficult to keep your mind away from Summer Break mode

Other work days, the exact opposite might be your reality. What happens when there are no kids playing, dogs barking or other signs of present life? The silence can be deafening. To make matters worse, you might glance out the window to see blue skies and the sun brightly shining. At that point, the temptations of a wandering mind can be challenging to overcome. Barbecues, ball games, swimming, a walk in Piedmont Park or a day at the beach in 30A can quickly become more appealing options than sitting in your home office staring at overly complex Excel spreadsheets.

Whether you’re facing the over excitement or deafening silence of summertime, consider the benefits of coworking. Offering a distraction-free workplace to crank through your inbox and the opportunity to engage while working amidst other productive professionals, a coworking membership helps you strike the balance between staying focused and energized.

A coworking space may not offer warm sand and a cool ocean breeze, but it can provide you with a comfortable and convenient space to get work done without the potential craziness or loneliness of a home office environment. Besides, how much work can actually be accomplished from a beach chair anyway?

Coworking offers many advantages as compared to home-based offices. Coworking members enjoy a professional work zone, the ability to socialize and network with other like-minded people and access to all-inclusive business amenities including Wi-Fi, whiteboards, A/V equipment, meeting rooms and even a full-service coffee bar. Working in a collaborative environment amongst other hard working professionals also allows you to absorb and infuse the productivity, focus and creativity of other members into your own efforts. It’s an energized professional environment you simply can’t get at home.

Making the most of your time during working hours gives you the freedom to fully experience the joys of summer without the burden or concern of looming deadlines. Take back your summer by keeping your workflow energized and distraction-free with a coworking membership. Roam Innovative Workplace offers five creative coworking environments in Metro Atlanta. With month-to-month memberships starting at just $139/month, experience a renewed work day and summertime work flow—your business and family will thank you. See how Roam can provide an energizing and focused workspace solution for your summertime needs and beyond—contact us or drop by for a tour today!