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For those looking for an
office without an office.

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For small businesses
wanting a change of pace.

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Small to medium size

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Most popular for growing
medium size businesses.

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Dedicated Office

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All Location Access
Cafe Access
Cowork Seating
Business Class Wi-Fi
Automatic Check-in
Event Access
Member Network
Copy/Fax/Print 25% off 50% off 75% off 75% off 75% off
Meeting Room Hours 10/mo 15/mo 20/mo 20/mo
Memberships 1 Person 1 Person 1 Person 3 People 3 People
Daily Guest Passes 5/mo 8/mo 15/mo 25/mo 25/mo
After Hours Access By Location By Location By Location By Location
Online Booking
Digital Ads
Dedicated Office
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All membership plans grant access to all Roam locations, however your membership will be intiated though a "Home" location.