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Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris
Executive Director
Radical Mentoring

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Lauren Gall

Lauren Gall
VaVa Virtual Assistants

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Liz Minch

Liz Minch
Creative Director & Entrepreneur
Bustle & Tempe Rowe

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Chris Davis

Chris Davis

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Roam is where ideas are born, connections are made, and powerful relationships are formed.

Melanie Jean Romanaux
SoMedia Solutions, Inc.

Roam is where important relationships are built and business ideas are executed.

Chris & Tiffany Colston
BizTech Group

Roam is where people become friends and clients due to the atmosphere of comfort and trust Roam naturally creates.

Rico Pena
Pena Global

Roam turns possibilities into opportunities. Roam is where I launched my business, held successful events, and met some of my best clients.

Brandy Nagel
Marketing Catalyst

Roam provides the perfect work environment for entrepreneurs like me. I enjoy being here!

Amit Mitter

The Roam team always exceeds expectations and is a pleasure to work with. They are always looking for ways to improve our experience and all understand why each customer is here - collaboration and interaction within an open environment.

Bob Zalonga
NextKey Solutions

Roam enables us to keep our meeting costs low, while also leveraging their rich networking environment, which leads to new partnerships and client opportunities.

Jay Forman

When I come to Roam, I get Ritz Carlton treatment and an environment where I can be professional with my clients.

Chuck Russell
BestWork Data

The real value in Roam is when you get to know other members. I have signed 4 new contracts for my business by getting to know other members and being introduced to their business contacts. Roam gives you high value networking opportunities unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Marge Beiler

Roam is where you can Research dreams, Opportunities can bloom & Achievements are Made!

Jennifer Davidenko
Health Care Executive AA

What We Love

Lamon Luther
Thousand Hills Coffee
Create Remarkable

Browse listings & professional offerings of other members on Roam Marketplace to find solutions for your unique business needs. #roamannounces #buyselltrade Roam members, get ready to capture new leads when you promote your business offerings & services on Marketplace. #roamannounces #buyselltrade Join us for an Atlanta event with former Ritz-Carlton President, Horst Schulze. No better person to hear speak on customer service than the man who truly redefined it! Friday, August 5th at 8am. Tickets still available. [Link to register in bio] August 2nd. Start offering your business services and products on Marketplace (no For Sale sign required). #buyselltrade I spy with my little 👀...the weekend! #happyfriday It's the people you're helping that really matter. Be sure to get to know them! #gettoknowyourcustomersday Members, new clients and partnerships are just a click away! Learn more about Roam's newest membership amenity, Marketplace, in today's brief. #thebrief #roamannounces [Link in bio] R you ready for tomorrow's brief? 💼 Exciting news about Roam Marketplace coming your way! #roamannounces Be a 🌎 changer. #mondaymotivation Adults take field trips too. Thanks @porsche for the hospitality- we're still dreaming of our fantasy cars! 🏎🏁

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