Meeting Space for Teams to Innovate and Iterate

Brainstorm session with sticky notes

As we explained in our Introduction to Scrum Methodology article, an increasing number of forward thinking companies are choosing a more modern approach to product development. Born of the software industry, but entirely applicable to almost any business, the scrum methodology enables companies to operate much more swiftly within the constantly changing demands of consumer…

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An Introduction to Scrum Methodology

Meeting attendees engaging at speaking event

Product development in the pre-internet days involved meticulous planning, careful scheduling and the unified pursuit of a clearly identified end goal. It’s a rigid structure that proved successful across virtually all industries for many decades. However, this traditional model has become a bit cumbersome—and impractical—in recent years as the Digital Age has significantly impacted the…

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Five Inspiring and Unexpected Places to Meet in Atlanta

people sitting outside of coffee shop

At Roam, we strive to provide the best environment possible to inspire meaningful collaboration among Atlanta’s professional community. But occasionally, meeting objectives call for something a bit more unexpected than whiteboard walls and sticky notes. To kickstart your team’s creativity, check out our favorite uncommon places to meet, brainstorm and be inspired. The High Museum…

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Tech Driven Innovations to Enhance Your Next Meeting

In many cases, engagement, productivity and results could be considered the gold standard for an effective meeting. But as anyone who has ever planned or facilitated a meeting knows, that objective is far easier said than done. To hold a truly effective meeting, it’s imperative to tap into creative resources to inspire people to actively…

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Five Best Practices for Facilitating Effective Meetings

A universal challenge faced by leaders around the world—how to lead and facilitate meetings where people maintain interest and actively engage in the agenda. Too often people view meetings as a detriment to their productivity, rather than an opportunity to exchange information in a meaningful way. By leading and facilitating more effectively, your company will…

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The Essential Components of Successful Meetings

From innovative startups to Fortune 500’s, Roam has the privilege to host a variety of meeting clients in our workspaces – and we’ve learned a thing or two from these experts along the way. Offering a collection of learnings and best practices from industry leaders, this eBook provides everything you’ll need to ensure your next…

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More Than a Meeting: How to deliver an experience

In today’s digital-driven world, the boundaries between work and life are quickly diminishing. Business is accomplished at all hours of the day, seven days a week and from anywhere in the world with the click of a button or tap of a screen. Our professional and private lives are converging and with that, the expectations…

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Atlanta, GA: Your Next Meeting Destination

What do the Braves, Coca-Cola, and MailChimp have in common? These powerhouse brands call Atlanta, Georgia home—and for good reason! The southern metropolis is home to several professional sports teams, serves as a major hub for big business and innovation and boasts over 100 acres of urban park space nestled in between skyscrapers. With all…

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5 Note Taking Strategies to Complement Your Meeting

Many meetings and business gatherings entail idea generation, brainstorming and strategizing. But how are you capturing the Eureka moments that are splendidly created and shared? Ensure your innovative ideas become more than just shared words by developing a note-taking strategy to coincide with your meeting content. From paper and sticky notes to whiteboard and digital…

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