Coworking “Works” for Introverts and Extroverts

Hands typing on a keyboard

On one end of the personality spectrum exists the extrovert—the type of person who thrives in social settings. In fact, they enjoy the company of others far more than being alone and tend to have an infectious zeal for the human spirit. On the other end lies the introvert, who prefers comfort to chaos. The…

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What to Expect from Coworking: Myth vs. Reality

Subeau team working in coworking space at Roam

More and more startups, freelancers and corporations are realizing the many benefits of a coworking membership. They’ve cast aside the misconceptions that opposed the coworking concept and are forging ahead with this new iteration of the modern workplace. But not everyone has embraced the idea of coworking and many still struggle to understand its benefits.…

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Coworking Space: The Membership You’ll Keep All Year

woman typing on computer

The road to New Year’s resolutions is paved with good intentions, isn’t it? Memberships to gyms, book clubs and other healthy and worthwhile endeavors begin at a fever pitch on January 1. By the end of the month, however, our new-found zest for whatever personal or professional changes we once saw as inspiring and motivational,…

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How to Pitch a Coworking Membership to Your Boss

Community table and coworking space at Roam Alpharetta

As you may already know, the evolution of the global economy has greatly impacted the way we all work. Technology has given rise to an abundant presence of freelancers and independent contractors seeking a better place to create, innovate and collaborate. Thus, the need for coworking spaces emerged. Since then, countless startups, small businesses and…

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How to Explain Coworking in 140 Characters or Less

The Roam twitter account shown on a laptop

The concept of coworking has come a long way since its origination in the Mission District of San Francisco in the early 2000s. Once seen as a niche offering for a small market of freelancers and entrepreneurs, coworking has evolved into an ideal solution that supports an increased level of focus, innovation and community among…

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How Companies Leverage Coworking Spaces

Contrary to popular opinion, coworking spaces are not exclusively for freelancers and start-ups. A rapidly growing segment of the industry comes—somewhat surprisingly—from the corporate world. In fact, a recent survey by CBRE Research indicates that 65% of enterprise-level organizations plan on leveraging the power of coworking by 2020. A CREATIVITY AND COLLABORATION KICKSTART Savvy business…

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The Future of Coworking

Woman holding laptop in coworking space

How coworking spaces are well-suited to support the evolving economy for freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporations. Take a walk down the bustling streets of Manhattan, San Francisco or DC and you’ll likely notice coworking spaces on just about every block. So, what’s really behind the rise of coworking? Is it another trendy fad or is…

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Dedicated Office Space + Coworking: Flexibility at its finest

Flexibility—in many ways—is the key to a successful business. It allows creative minds to innovate solutions to age-old problems. Flexibility encourages open-mindedness to ensure critical business decisions don’t come to a standstill. Furthermore, it enables today’s on-the-go business owners, independent contractors and freelance professionals to maintain an agile and adaptive work style, which is crucial…

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Coworking Isn’t Just for Startups

In just a half mile stretch on Piedmont Road between Lenox Road and Peachtree Road, you’ll find WeWork, Regus, Atlanta Tech Village and Roam nestled in the heart of Buckhead Atlanta. It’s obvious that there is no shortage of companies capitalizing on ATL’s gig economy, and this trend is quickly becoming the norm in cities…

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Coworking: Overcoming the challenges of the remote workforce

Nook, Coworking Space at Roam Galleria

The flexibility to work remotely can be both freeing and energizing. Cranking through emails from the comfort of your couch. Drafting contracts while lounging poolside in a tropical paradise of your choice. Or, perhaps you prefer the more conventional option- developing marketing content from the coffee shop just down the street. Regardless of your workplace…

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