What is a Hybrid Workplace and How Do You Implement It?

People working at coffee bar at Roam at Trilith

Hybrid work models are currently used by more than 63 percent of high-growth companies, according to a recent Accenture report. The report also revealed that 69 percent of businesses with little to no growth reject the concept of hybrid workforces in favor of on-site or all remote employees. COVID-19 has transformed the way that we…

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5 Tips for a Standout Networking Event

Hosting a successful networking event is an effective way for businesses to stay relevant and gain a competitive edge. Networking events must be planned to allow event holders ample time to send out invites, recruit connectors, secure refreshments, and organize an exciting itinerary. A networking event should also have a solid purpose to ensure that…

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7 Out-of-the-Box Team Building Ideas


Team-building activities have been proven to improve company culture and create a stronger bond between employees. They also encourage collaboration, promote good communication, and build trust between team members. Most importantly, team-building exercises foster an attitude that common goals can be achieved if you work together. Leading a creative team-building activity is a great way…

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Yes, You Can Grow a Startup in a Coworking Space

As any entrepreneur knows, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality does not refer to business. Growing a startup takes commitment, hard work, and sufficient capital. It also requires a work environment that fosters productivity. Coworking spaces offer the professional atmosphere and convenient amenities needed by businesses to succeed. Coworking is no longer…

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10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Corporate Meeting


Corporate meetings historically have a bad rap. They often start late, drag on, and have no clear purpose. Attendees may start to lose interest quickly and engagement is often limited at best. However, the reason that most meetings fail is not due to the meeting itself, but rather poor preparation and management. Learn how to…

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Freelance to Founder: 7 Ways a Coworking Space Can Boost Your Business

Everyone starts somewhere. Many entrepreneurs begin their careers as freelancers, gradually pursuing bigger dreams of becoming founders of successful companies. Although there is no one route to achieve this goal, the tools and resources that a person has available to them can make a world of difference. Coworking space memberships have been found invaluable in…

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How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company – an event that needs to impress, You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company. A special event that needs to impress, stays within budget and is located close to the city. While there are numerous corporate event venues…

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Making it easier to meet in person (again)

While it’s exciting to see and experience life returning to normal, it can also be a little intimidating doing things for the first time again – like meeting in person. Roam has intentionally made adjustments and additions to our meeting experience to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests. With our…

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Start the New Year by Casting Vision

Large meeting and facilitator in meeting venue

Everyone has their own preference for how they like to start a new year. Some set resolutions to accomplish throughout the next twelve months, while others are advantageous goal setters. And of course, there are always those who stay away from resolutions altogether. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, there’s something we…

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