Planning an Office Move? Here’s How to Prepare


Moving offices can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. When business leaders find that their current work environment is no longer efficient or practical, they often make the decision to move to a location where the company can grow and thrive. Of course, the process of finding a new office and executing a move can…

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Plan Like a Pro: How to Get Your Business Organized

Organization is key to running a successful business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs struggle to find an adequate work-life balance that eliminates distractions, saves time, improves focus, and increases productivity. Good business organization can help keep your operations running smoothly and prevent costly periods of downtime. There is no better time than now to reassess your business…

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Making it easier to meet in person (again)

While it’s exciting to see and experience life returning to normal, it can also be a little intimidating doing things for the first time again – like meeting in person. Roam has intentionally made adjustments and additions to our meeting experience to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests. With our…

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How to Establish A Work From Home Routine

Hands typing on laptop with coffee

Life looks pretty different than it did a few weeks ago. Chances are, your normal routine of going into the office has changed quite a bit. And until everything gets back to normal, we’ve all been challenged to find new norms while working from home. So as we embrace our current circumstances, here are a…

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Best of Both Worlds: Offices + Coworking

Team office for lease at Roam

Offices as we know them have changed drastically over the years. They use to be a building or floor where people were required to go every day during the same hours. Offices housed everything you needed in order to get your job done while providing space for your team to meet and collaborate. Recently, things…

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Coffee Shop or Coworking: Five Questions to Determine Which Workspace Is Best for You

Coffee mug and silver foil balloon on coffee table

Remote professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs face a common dilemma: Where to find a workspace ideally suited to fit their needs. Home offices and coffee shops have become popular alternatives, mostly because they’re free, but do they offer a holistic professional environment that enables the remote workforce to accomplish their best work? For a small monthly…

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Top Four Reasons Working from Home Doesn’t Work

Man working in Coworking Space at Roam

Eating family dinner and opening for business under the same roof poses a unique set of challenges for remote professionals. Whether your company downsized corporate office space or your small business is avoiding the expense of a pricey brick and mortar lease, an increasing number of people are working from home offices and experiencing a…

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Keep Your Workflow Energized and Distraction-Free This Summer

Woman working on Macbook in chair

Anyone who has ever explored working from home can attest to how difficult it can be to stay focused.  On any given day, an excess of distractions threaten to break your concentration and productivity. So the thought of preparing for the additional amusements of summer can feel overwhelming. When the kids aren’t in school, they’re…

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What to Expect from Coworking: Myth vs. Reality

Subeau team working in coworking space at Roam

More and more startups, freelancers and corporations are realizing the many benefits of a coworking membership. They’ve cast aside the misconceptions that opposed the coworking concept and are forging ahead with this new iteration of the modern workplace. But not everyone has embraced the idea of coworking and many still struggle to understand its benefits.…

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How to Pitch a Coworking Membership to Your Boss

Community table and coworking space at Roam Alpharetta

As you may already know, the evolution of the global economy has greatly impacted the way we all work. Technology has given rise to an abundant presence of freelancers and independent contractors seeking a better place to create, innovate and collaborate. Thus, the need for coworking spaces emerged. Since then, countless startups, small businesses and…

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