Keep Your Workflow Energized and Distraction-Free This Summer

Woman working on Macbook in chair

Anyone who has ever explored working from home can attest to how difficult it can be to stay focused.  On any given day, an excess of distractions threaten to break your concentration and productivity. So the thought of preparing for the additional amusements of summer can feel overwhelming. When the kids aren’t in school, they’re…

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Five Inspiring and Unexpected Places to Meet in Atlanta

people sitting outside of coffee shop

At Roam, we strive to provide the best environment possible to inspire meaningful collaboration among Atlanta’s professional community. But occasionally, meeting objectives call for something a bit more unexpected than whiteboard walls and sticky notes. To kickstart your team’s creativity, check out our favorite uncommon places to meet, brainstorm and be inspired. The High Museum…

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Meet Assistant General Manager, Josh Kelly

Picture of Josh Kelley the assistant general manager

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Josh lived in Iowa and Kansas before landing in Metro Atlanta in 2001. After graduating from Milton High School, Josh spent two years at Samford University and then transferred to Kennesaw State University where he graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication. Josh made his move to Roam in 2016…

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Roam’s Summer Reading List

The temps are rising, and the sluggishness of summertime has settled in. It seems that no matter how many cups of iced coffee you drink or energizing playlists you listen to, they still aren’t enough to keep you motivated and focused this time of year. So why fight it? We encourage you to take a…

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Two Roam Members Create an Award Winning Ad Campaign

What do you get when you combine pre-owned luxury watches with a donkey named King Kong? Creative genius—and an award-winning ad campaign. Congratulations to Barber Warren (formerly Drum Worldwide) for their upcoming feature in the June 2018 edition of Communication Arts magazine. This print ad campaign for Crown & Caliber has received much deserved praise…

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Failing is for Winners

Nobody likes to fail. It hurts. When we are unable to achieve our goals, we don’t just experience failure. We experience discouragement. Rejection. Doubt. Fear. Apathy. Failure has a way of warping our perspectives; re-shaping our outlook to align with the constraints of our current condition rather than that of the desired future state. We…

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Roaming Playlist

Man with headphones listening to music and working at Roam Innovative Workplace

In light of the upcoming holidays, we’ve created a Roaming playlist to accompany you this holiday season wherever you may go!  No matter if you’re traveling over the river or through the woods, keep your energy high and work productive when listening to our Roaming playlist on Spotify. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!  

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Manifest Your WHY

There is a lot of talk these days about your WHY.  As a case in point, Simon Sinek’s now infamous TED Talk about how great leaders inspire action, which popularized the notion of “starting with why” and cemented it within modern management lexicon, has over 32 million views on There is good reason for…

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