The Future of Coworking

Woman holding laptop in coworking space

How coworking spaces are well-suited to support the evolving economy for freelancers, entrepreneurs and even corporations. Take a walk down the bustling streets of Manhattan, San Francisco or DC and you’ll likely notice coworking spaces on just about every block. So, what’s really behind the rise of coworking? Is it another trendy fad or is…

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The Value of Hiring an Expert

With a multitude of pricey marketing softwares available in today’s market, how do you justify the additional expense of hiring an external expert? Download this eBook to understand the cost (and lost revenue potential) of not hiring a marketing technology consultant.   EBOOK: The Value of Hiring an Expert

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Dedicated Office Space + Coworking: Flexibility at its finest

Flexibility—in many ways—is the key to a successful business. It allows creative minds to innovate solutions to age-old problems. Flexibility encourages open-mindedness to ensure critical business decisions don’t come to a standstill. Furthermore, it enables today’s on-the-go business owners, independent contractors and freelance professionals to maintain an agile and adaptive work style, which is crucial…

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5 Ways to “Make Space for Excellence”

Just the thought of it is appealing: Space. Thinking of creating “more space” in your worklife may provoke dreams of no work at all, or a vacation, or sitting at a cafe with a nice cup of tea while you plug away on your laptop. There can be time for all of those things, yet it’s easy to make space during…

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Workspace Solutions Designed for Scalability

Generating a successful business idea is just the first step on the path to entrepreneurship and building a business. From raising capital and hiring a team to creating systems and developing a marketing strategy, there are many details to consider when establishing and growing a company. The complexity of these factors and their associated costs…

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Coworking: Overcoming the challenges of the remote workforce

Nook, Coworking Space at Roam Galleria

The flexibility to work remotely can be both freeing and energizing. Cranking through emails from the comfort of your couch. Drafting contracts while lounging poolside in a tropical paradise of your choice. Or, perhaps you prefer the more conventional option- developing marketing content from the coffee shop just down the street. Regardless of your workplace…

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5 Key Benefits—and Differentiators—Among Coworking Spaces

Coworking table and coworking booths at Roam Perimeter Center

In 2017, the number of coworking professionals around the globe surpassed one million.* Considering that these shared office spaces have only been around since the early 2000s, the annual growth has been tremendous. If you’ve never given coworking a try, you might be wondering: what’s the big deal? Whether they’re freelancers, small startups or execs…

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Learning Doesn’t Always Require Failure

White wall and blue ladder at Roam Innovative Workplace

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve encountered “Fail Fast, Fail Often.” From startups to corporate America, the concept has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Taken out of context, however, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t let “Fail Fast, Fail Often” serve as an excuse for sloppy business operations – whether it’s in manufacturing, marketing, customer…

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Failing is for Winners

Nobody likes to fail. It hurts. When we are unable to achieve our goals, we don’t just experience failure. We experience discouragement. Rejection. Doubt. Fear. Apathy. Failure has a way of warping our perspectives; re-shaping our outlook to align with the constraints of our current condition rather than that of the desired future state. We…

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The CEOs Take on Roam’s 5th Atlanta Workplace

Roam is only a few weeks away from the opening of Roam Perimeter Center. While construction projects wrap up and the creative team begins installing final finishes and decor features, the Perimeter Center team eagerly awaits the people and businesses that will breathe energy into this new innovative space. As Roam continues to prepare for…

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