Upon initial consideration, hosting your team meeting onsite seems like the most simple and least stressful course of action. After all, there’s no travel required and everybody knows the drill, so team members can nearly sleepwalk their way into the conference room.

However, a more thorough analysis leads one to re-think staying in the workplace. Many professionals enjoy the occasional break from the office environment they experience daily, so a short drive and new setting can provide a nice break. Plus, do you really want people sleepwalking their way into your meeting?

Our partners have discovered that meeting offsite is actually far more efficient and infinitely less stressful. Here are 5 reasons we think you’ll agree.

Reason #1: No Setup or Cleanup Required

If you choose to book a meeting room at an offsite location or venue like Roam, you gain valuable time back in your schedule. We’ve crafted a simplified planning process to remove the unnecessary stress and hassle associated with meeting planning. Roam’s hospitality teams will take care of all your meeting details to ensure your team experiences a highly productive and seamless experience. Whatever time is spent traveling to one of our five convenient Metro Atlanta locations, will be paid back (and then some) with the time you’ll save when you allow our team to plan, coordinate, setup and clean up the entirety of your event. There’s no need to come early or stay late. All you need to do is show up ready for a fun and productive meeting.

Reason #2: Catering Simplified

Coordinating food and beverage can become a full-time job in itself. When you consider accommodating dietary restrictions and food preferences in addition to receiving catering orders and timely deliveries of beautifully plated food, it’s enough to call off the meeting. Let us remove that anxiety from your (ahem) plate. Partnering with your personal Roam meeting coordinator makes planning food and beverage a breeze. After connecting to determine food preferences, dietary restrictions and budget implications, we’ll take care of the rest—crafting a personalized menu, placing the order, coordinating delivery and the timely serving of your delicious selection.  Prepare to be delighted with the quality, taste and display of your culinary choices come meeting day.

Reason #3: Access to Fully Trained Staff Always Available

All Roam team members are cross-trained and ready to handle any impromptu requests or day-of meeting needs including flipcharts, markers, technical troubleshooting and more. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that no last-minute problem or supply mishap will derail the success of your meeting with onsite assistance at your fingertips. For your convenience, all Roam team members are ready, willing and able to help. Plus, we keep an inventory of supplies on-hand for those just in case moments.

Reason #4: Increased Team Engagement and Creativity

People appreciate and enjoy a break from the routine. That’s why we’ve designed our meeting rooms to invigorate and energize, not simulate and conform. Watch your team members come to life with a renewed spirit of innovation and creativity when meeting in a fresh and inspiring atmosphere at Roam. Not only will your team personally enjoy the out-of-norm meeting experience, but the enhanced productivity and engagement will please your boss as well. Who knows? Maybe your team just needs an innovative offsite meeting environment to ideate your company’s next big idea.

Reason #5: Eliminates Onsite Distractions

Almost no one’s time is sacred in the corporate world. And when a coworker knows a team member is in the office, they will stop at nothing—including a meeting—to pull them away if needed. Eliminate these unavoidable interruptions and setbacks by taking your team offsite to meet. With no awareness of office happenings, you’ll sense the increased focus, productivity and engagement among all attendees immediately. Consider Roam your secret office hideaway. Plus, a nice side effect is that your meetings are likely to run much shorter, and no one ever complained about a meeting that ended a little early.

Finally, let’s face facts… you’ve already held a million meetings onsite. Why not try something different? Book a meeting room at Roam today for an energizing, more productive and less stressful meeting planning experience.

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