The thought of working from home can seem like a dream come true… at first. And securing new office space in a state-of-the-art corporate setting can initially feel like professional nirvana.

After only a few months, however, most remote employees and onsite professionals begin to realize the inherent flaws of their work environments. That’s when many of them turn to the refreshing change of scenery provided by membership to a coworking space.

Hundreds of thousands of freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate employees—worldwide—have already discovered the abundant benefits of using these professional workspaces. Isn’t it time to see if your career or business could reap similar rewards from having a better way to work?

Take a look at the following four signs that could reveal you need a highly flexible and exceedingly beneficial shared workspace membership.

Your home office makes it difficult to stay focused.

Dogs, children, household chores and UPS deliveries are just a few examples of the numerous distractions one encounters when working from home.

Not only does the coworking space at Roam provide a productive hideaway from these disturbances, it also inspires your creativity and energizes you to accomplish better work. Our environments are specifically designed to enable focus and productivity allowing you to accomplish more than you ever did while listening to the melodious sounds of spinning laundry and barking dogs.

The isolation of working in a home office makes you feel uninspired and unmotivated.

Like most remote workers, you might believe that simply removing the previously mentioned distractions will improve your focus and make for a peaceful and productive workday. Be careful what you wish for, as they say. Even if you get the dog to stop barking, the resulting silence can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation that become uninspiring and unmotivating.

The shared workspace at Roam serves a dual purpose of both eliminating the distractions associated with a home office, while also providing a sense of community as you work amongst the energy and focus of other like-minded professionals.

Meeting with clients at a local restaurant or coffee shop is damaging your professional brand.

Meeting with a client in a local coffee shop is unideal at best. Private and purposeful business conversations are almost impossible to conduct amid the trendy pop music and collective chatter of other patrons.

From coaching sessions to client consultations, any of Roam’s five Metro Atlanta locations can serve as your offsite meeting solution. Engage clients in casual conversation at the coffee bar or book a private meeting room for more formal meetings that may require A/V and projection. The professionally refined atmosphere in both settings are sure to impress your clients and have a positive effect on your brand image.

Unavoidable corporate office distractions are decreasing your productivity.

Unfortunately, the corporate office comes with its own set of distractions, including a constant barrage of phone calls, interruptions from colleagues and other productivity drainers.

A coworking space provides an oasis from that environment of distractions. Why face so many productivity challenges during the work day when you can remove yourself from them altogether? (At least for a few days a week!)

If any of these signs of a subpar working environment sound familiar, it might be time you considered your need for a coworking membership at a shared workspace. Your career, team and business deserve your best effort! Contact us or come see us at Roam today to learn more about our shared workspace and month-to-month membership offerings!

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