As remote workers are projected to account for three quarters of the US workforce by 2020, the demand for creative “out of office” workspaces continues to increase. For workers in need of a more productive and professional solution than loud coffee shops and lonely home offices, Roam’s coworking spaces offer an innovative workplace for professionals and businesses seeking energizing work environments, flexible and cost-effective office accommodations and a community of hardworking professionals.

Starting at just $139 per month, Roam’s coworking memberships offer a variety of benefits to safely and effectively grow your business—but some membership perks might not be quite as obvious. So whether you’re new to Roam and considering a coworking membership or you’re an invested member who may not be fully leveraging Roam’s coworking offerings, here are helpful ways to scale your business and maximize your membership!



A Basic membership at $139 per month offers Roam’s package of standard amenities including: business class Wi-Fi, access to all Roam locations, monthly member events, access to Roam’s onsite Coffee Bar and more. But for just an additional $60 per month, Select memberships include 10 monthly meeting rooms hours that can be redeemed in meeting rooms seating up to 9 people at any Roam workplace.

Basic members booking 2-3 meeting room hours a la carte per month (at a member rate of $20-30 per hour) can gain an additional 7 to 8 hours in Roam’s A/V equipped meeting spaces at an equivalent (or lesser) monthly rate when upgrading to a Select membership. Access to private meeting space for monthly team meetings and client consultations with the following complimentary technology features make upgrading to a Select membership an easy and cost-effective decision for Roam members:

  • LED screens
  • HD display
  • Conference phone
  • Webcam
  • Apple TV



For many startups and small businesses, the marketing budget is lean and often the first line item cut when scaling back on expenses. While marketing may not be necessary for day-to-day operations, it plays a vital role in attracting the clients and customers you’ll need to purchase your product or service. When you consider the investment associated with Google AdWords, social media advertisements and event sponsorships, it’s no surprise that many business owners feel unequipped to efficiently and effectively market to their target customers.

Ensure your message is heard while also gaining the benefits of coworking and meeting space with Roam’s Premier or Premier+ memberships. Offering an affordable marketing alternative, these membership levels include a rolling digital advertisement on the LED screens at all Roam workplaces. From the variety of professionals and businesses working in our spaces to the major corporations using our meeting rooms, hundreds of your potential customers enter our workplaces each day. Whether you choose to offer a limited time special or run a brand awareness campaign, update your advertisement as frequently as desired through your online member portal. With access to this marketing platform, the value of your Roam membership far exceeds a daily workspace. Leverage your Roam digital advertisement to grow your business and shape the future of your company.



Even in the midst of rapid growth amongst virtual companies, the importance of a physical mailing address still remains. Using your home address is not always the safest (and smartest) option for your company and opting for a PO Box can often unintentionally label your business as illegitimate or “too small to bother with” in the eyes of potential clients and partners.

Ensure your business appears established and invested in the community by utilizing a Roam mailbox and mailing address for an additional $20 per month. With locations in desirable corporate markets, gaining a physical address will improve SEO and help your business appear in more search engine results. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy the added convenience and enhanced ability to create work-life balance.



As a small business owner and entrepreneur, there is a constant need for knowledge, expertise and services outside of your team’s skillset. Rather than sifting through pages of Google search results, make your vetting process more effective and efficient by utilizing Roam’s internal Member Directory accessed through the online Network platform. With hundreds of experts at your fingertips, search, connect and message professionals within the Roam community who might just be working a few coworking booths away. The convenience of collaborating and partnering within the Roam community allows you to accomplish your goals with speed and accuracy while also gaining valuable knowledge along the way.


Roam’s designed-enhanced coworking and meeting spaces provide an energizing and productive work environment to accomplish your best work. But don’t limit the benefits of your coworking membership to Roam’s physical spaces. Use these tips to ensure you and your team are maximizing your membership amenities to safely and effectively scale your business.

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