The Power of The Blog

November 14, 2013

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The Power of The Blog

It is important for small businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A large part of your identity is lived out on the web and you need to be able to tell that story effectively in your marketing efforts. You are unique and original and a consistent fresh content blog, attached to your website and distributed through social media channels can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you use.

So where do you go from here? In our presentation at roam, we touched on the importance of building a strong foundation blog and how to execute the blogging process. Here I have included a brief overview of how to get started and how to continue to stay relevant to your customers and to Google.

1. Have a high performance website: We recommend WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform but really any CMS platform is crucial for creating fresh content on your website and increasing Search Engine Optimization success.

2. Stay consistent! Don’t start and stop with your blogging efforts. Get on a plan and schedule yourself to blog weekly (TrustWorkz recommendation) or monthly.

3. Create rich, relevant and effective content: A blog not only gives you the opportunity to educate and inform but it also gives you the chance to use keywords that help you stay relevant to Google.

4. Optimize your content: Use keywords in your content and this will have a greater impact on your SEO.

5. Embrace Social Media: If you don’t already have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, you need to!

6. Distribute Your Blog on social media channels, social sharing sites or print and share with your customers in your facilities.

7. Analyze your analytics: Reviewing your analytics will give you better insight into programs and promotions that are working and where your traffic is coming from.

If you missed TrustWorkz’s seminar, we are more than happy to speak with you and help you build the web presence you are looking to have for your business. Connect with us for a free assessment, consulting or have us do the work for you!

   Hillary Byers, the Digital Marketing and Sales Manager for TrustWorkz

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