The Iron Yard is coming to Atlanta

February 6, 2014

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Just because you don’t know who they are or what they do, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing big things. The Iron Yard is a big piece of a growing trend of ‘coding schools’ and Fast Company says it is worth all the hype.

Recently, The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded over 1 million software developer jobs. They expect that number to grow 22% over the next decade. And with the average salary of just under six digits, it shouldn’t be a surprise that ‘Hack Schools’ are a growing, big business.

In walks ‘The Iron Yard.’

With what started as a tech accelerator and co-working space in Greenville, SC, The Iron Yard has expanded into several other cities (Asheville, Charleston, Tampa, Durham & Spartanburg) and several other industries – including coding education.

Because of this background, The Iron Yard has decided to bring their own coding academy to the ATL and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

With so much start-up success in their own accelerator program, The Iron Yard recognized a need for coders. In the coding academy, the instructors don’t use slides or a syllabus – only topic-based lessons. They are free to work at the pace of the 10-20 students in their classes and generally give relaxed assignment requirements. They offer resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and scholarships for female students.

So what are the details for Atlanta?

Here’s what John Saddington has to say about it:

For those within the technology industry and call it “home” we have to admit the truth – we’ve got it seriously good! Every industry, whether technology proper or not, needs our engineering skill sets and perspective to bring them truckloads of success.

Statistically, there is a huge need for software engineers and not enough of them to go around – in fact, statistically it’s been reported that there will be close to 1.5 million engineering jobs with barely 400k of qualified graduates. Talk about a gap that needs to be filled!

Simply put, we need more engineers and I’d like to personally encourage you to consider becoming one – and you don’t have to have a technical background to do it! I’m bringing a unique code school to Atlanta in the coming months that I believe is going to be one of the solutions to the growing engineering shortage problem: The Iron Yard.

We’re scrappy, with a startup mentality (but a wealth of experience under the hood), and we’re hackers (we have enjoyed “hacking hack schools” as Fast Company put it) and have had great success with our previous students.

We can’t wait to see how The Iron Yard will help software developers in Atlanta. If you want more information, check out what they will be offering in Atlanta and sign up to get more information.

Get the full story from Fast Company HERE.

Big thanks to both Hypepotamus and John Saddington for the information.



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