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4 Things We Believe About Our Community

June 11, 2014

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Today’s post is by ROAM Training Manager, Emily Koncerak. Emily is passionate about creating systems and using her organizational skills to equip and enable others’ success. She is currently in the process of completing her degree in professional counseling.


Our members have a variety of different roles: small business owners, graphic designers, accountants, entrepreneurs, sales managers, tutors, and consultants – just to name a few. There’s a lot going on with work at Roam, not to mention the more personal layer of family, friends, kids, and work/life balance.

So, how much responsibility do you have weighing on your shoulders today? How are you doing with what you’re carrying?

As professionals, most days you likely get what is urgent done first and leave the rest on the to-do list for tomorrow. Sometimes you stay up late nights, wake up early mornings, and drink too much coffee.

I relate to this. Sometimes I’m a perfectionist because I’m too proud to admit my limits and ask for help. I’m afraid to trust others with the load I’m carrying for the day. I end up working long hours and don’t take care of myself through proper eating, exercise habits, and rest.

These behaviors are just different ways of coping with the responsibilities we’re given. They’re patterns we each have because we’re human. (And being human is a beautiful thing!)

Here at Roam, we believe living authentic lives will only begin when we let down our guard, admit our failures and shortcomings (we all have them!) and begin to live in an invested community with one another. One of the reasons we believe so much in our community of members is because we believe life is best lived together.

With that in mind, here are a few things we at ROAM believe about our community.

1. We believe in you.

You’re why we come to work every day. Each of our team members are energized by knowing you better, learning why your job is fulfilling to you, and encouraging you in any way we can.

2. We want you to succeed.

We’re excited to hear about your new client, your big break, and that networking connection with Salesforce you’ve been looking for. We can and will pull our resources to think of the best ways to best help our members succeed and we want you to let us know how we can meet those needs.

3. Serving you is our pleasure.

One of our favorite things is being able to anticipate your needs. Whether that is a chord for technology in the room you reserved or what drink you order from our cafe. We know our members are an elite and intelligent group of individuals who only deserve and expect the best; we want to give it to you.

4. We love when you’re authentic.

You’re closer to the friends you’re real with. Let us be those people. We aren’t just hiding behind the front desk or minding our own business in the cafe – we’d love to get to know you better in order to serve you better!

We all have jobs, families, and long to-do lists; but we want to be someplace where you come knowing the people here are for you. Let us get to know you! When you do, you’ll find you have an authentic, invested community who truly wants to help you succeed.

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