RECAP: ‘Remarkable!’ Business Breakfast with Randy Ross

February 3, 2014

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Roam Dunwoody was proud to host the third and final session of Dr. Randy Ross’ ‘REMARKABLE!’ Business Breakfast series this past Friday morning. Randy shared 5 very important questions organizational leaders must ask in order to intentionally craft a Remarkable culture.

With ‘Gallup’ reporting statistics where 52% of global workers are not engaged in their jobs, Randy shared about how great of an opportunity a new workforce has to reverse these stats and begin creating value for their employees. If you want to create a ‘Remarkable’ culture where people believe the best IN each other, want the best FOR each other, and expect the best FROM each other, here are the questions Randy suggests you should ask:

1.     Are you creating more value than you are taking?

  • “What’s in it for me?” VS “How can we make this better for everybody?”
  • Customer experience > personal expense
    • People will pay full price for what they deem valuable.
    • When you connect with people personally, loyalty is the result.

 2.     Are you leaving a positive wake?

  • Are you a well that gives? Or a drain that extracts?
  • Are relationships better because you’re around?

 3.     Are you solving a problem?

  • When a problem arises, what is your response?
  • Don’t blame or complain.
  • Never deflect – always collaborate.
  • Problems can be celebrated as an opportunity for great impact.

 4.     Are you owning the process?

  • Value extractors sit back and wait for others to take care of them.
  • Who is ultimately responsible for happiness in your workplace? YOU!
  • Value creators will naturally alter their environment to make others happy.

 5.     Are you making the superior choice?

  • In every endeavor/challenge, ask, “How can I make this remarkable?”

Always remember: Normal is regular, average, medium, warm, and comfortable. It is not great. It is not fantastic. It will never be amazing. Who would ever want to be normal?


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