We are a Collective, a Local Community of Innovators, Pioneers and Visionaries.

We provide workspace to a variety of businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. The best way to learn about our community is by getting to know our members.

Patrick Whaley

The swing of an experienced golfer is a single smooth motion, a quick graceful...

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Eric Johnson

Corporate Cowboys and the Frontier of the Future Gunpowder, papermaking, the...

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Jen Guynn

Somewhere in the North Atlanta suburbs today, a third-grader is turning nine. A...

Meet Jen Guynn

We create environments
where you can
focus, collaborate,
learn and socialize.

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We are growing together in knowledge and ability to impact our world for the good of all.

Events happen weekly at ROAM to inspire both members and those in our community to build business skills and grow as leaders.


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