Improving Personal Productivity with iPhone and iPad

Improving Personal Productivity with iPhone and iPad

August 8, 2013

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If you weren’t at the latest Roam event with Foojee, you’re already behind the game!

Lucas Acosta is the founder & CEO of the certified Apple consultant company: Foojee. Roam has partnered with Foojee to bring you the latest tips and tricks for your favorite Apple products. The latest session was “Improving Personal Productivity with iPhone and iPad.”

If you care to improve your productivity, or simply organize your working process, stop using email for everything.
Check out these awesome apps! Click the icon for more info.

The Basics

Set timers and alarms.
Check weather, sports and movies.
Find random facts.

Syncs between all devices.
-Now has reminders.
-Keep separate notebooks.
-Everything is searchable.

-Store documents on all your devices.
-Emails download code.

-Save articles for later.
-Removes ads.
-Create lists.

Reminders and To-Do Lists


-Sync between a Mac or PC.
-Integrated with Siri.
-Set location-based reminders.

-Shows a “Today” list.
-Sync to Mac.
-Set lists based on “Areas” or “Projects.”

Project Management


-Sync between the web and all your devices.
-Comment on tasks.
-Create multiple lists.
-Create boards for projects.

-Cloud based for any platform.
-Creates any and all communication around a project.
-Attach files.
-Text documents.



-Syncs between the web and all your devices.
-Similar to “Group Chat.”
-Comment on previous chats.

-One stop shop for organizations.
-Create chat rooms.
-Host private chats.
-Attach files.

Have another favorite productivity app? Share it with us in the comments below!

Need help with your Apple product? Looking to integrate Apple with your business? Check out Foojee here:

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