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put me in coach

Today’s Staff post is from our Meetings Coordinator, Tory Gravitt. Tory is passionate about taking the ordinary to the extraordinary and connecting big ideas to the little ones. Follow her on Twitter here.   I grew up with two older brothers who were involved in sports from an early age: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, wrestling; […]

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“We are going to have to part ways with you, Jake.” Words I thought I would never hear. It was Fall of 2009 and I was being fired. Fired from the first and only real job I had ever known. I had been with this particular Chick-fil-A store for 2 1/2 years, but combined with […]

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how to be great

Today’s post is by our Experience Manager, Elle Snyder. Elle is passionate about building relationships and investing in our Members intentionally. ____________________________________________________________________________ Why is it important to surround yourself with people you want to be like? The answer is simple, really. It’s the people in our lives who inspire us to greatness. There is greatness […]

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4 signs of community

Community is becoming a bit of a buzzword. I guess the majority of LinkedIn writers found out millennials are crazy about it. With co-working here to stay (read – working in community) and study after study being revealed about the overall benefits of doing life in community, I’m confident there isn’t any danger for Roam being too focused […]

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super power businessman

Today’s post is by ROAM’s Director of Operations, Blake Shubert. Blake specializes in organizational development, leadership development, and culture and team-building here at ROAM. He also served as the the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Light of The Lord Global Missions in Uganda from 2009 to 2012. Blake recently received his Master’s Degree in Organizational […]

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FOCUS – COLLABORATE – LEARN – SOCIALIZE These are the 4 states of being at ROAM. No matter what you’re doing here, it probably falls into one of these 4 categories. Last month, we shared our FOCUS playlist to increase your productivity. This month, we give you COLLABORATE. We’ve compiled some of our favorite artist […]

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Lunch Lessons Big Black

It’s not a ‘Lunch-N-Learn’ It’s a ‘Lunch Lesson.’ A Lunch Lesson is a 1-hour long, interactive, laser-focused event for a small crowd, revolved around learning and networking with individuals in a designated field. It is designed to provide an opportunity for local professionals to gain further knowledge, intentional help and local connections related to a […]

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Did you know, the soundtrack of your workday can change the quality of your work? In 1993, a study was conducted to find the differing effects of music as opposed to silence or relaxation instructions, designed to lower blood pressure. Researchers found that after listening to Mozart for 10 minutes, subjects scored 8-9 points higher […]

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Work + Live

July 8, 2014

in Staff Blog

work + live

Today’s post comes from the General Manager of our Alpharetta location, Michael Kanner. Michael has been with ROAM since February of 2014. He is also the Founder of MOTIF8 – a local non-profit with a mission of inspiring a lifestyle of fitness, fellowship, and faith. Check out Motif8′s FREE, upcoming Summer events. ____________________________________________________________________________ We hear […]

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3 Questions

Success sometimes gets a bad rap. If we go at it alone, bridges are often burned and relationships suffer. If we work too hard for it, we look self-seeking and greedy. But if we don’t aim high enough, we appear lazy or we just wind up hating our present circumstances. I believe there is a […]

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